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About Us

Optiver is a leading global trading firm, powered by technological innovation. They trade options and other financial instruments in 50+ exchanges to improve markets around the world. 

Optiver operate without clients, taking risks and reaping the rewards themselves. They play by their own rules and maintain an informal culture to keep it fun. 

They’re passionate about empowering individuals and creating diverse teams that thrive. Every person at Optiver should feel included, valued and respected because they believe their best work is done together. 

Optiver are committed to making the world better every day. This commitment extends to their people, making their lives better through a range of initiatives. They believe the best equipped go furthest. 

Upcoming Opportunities

Regardless of your degree, Optiver’s Trading, Research, Risk and Tech teams enable you to gain first hand experience within a fast-paced trading environment, and apply your studies into practice.

Graduate Program

  • Graduation Date: 2022 or already graduated

  • Permanent full-time opportunity to work within your chosen business area

  • Your career here will begin with 3 months of comprehensive training on the fundamentals of trading: theory, markets, strategies and cutting-edge technology

Internship Program

  • Graduation Date: Pre-penultimate and penultimate year students (i.e. 2023-2025)

  • 10-12 week immersive experience in the fast-paced dynamic world of market making

  • Owning projects that directly impact Optiver’s world-class trading systems

  • Collaborating with and being mentored by the industry’s best and brightest

FutureFocus Program

  • Graduation Date: 2024 or 2025

  • Immersion program designed to introduce you to the exciting opportunities and challenges in the world of tech and trading

  • Learn about life at Optiver, and what a career at a leading global market maker could look like


Further Information

Optiver are committed to making the world better every day. This commitment extends to our people, making their lives better through a range of initiatives, benefits and opportunities. We believe the best equipped go furthest. 

  • Gym memberships for staff to help stay fit and active

  • Small group training sessions with SoulTrain

  • Weekly meditation and mindfulness sessions on managing stress and building resilience

  • Daily free breakfast and lunch provided by our in-house chefs

  • Fresh fruit, healthy snacks and vegan/vegetarian options for every meal

  • Onsite barista

  • Weekly in-chair massages for all staff

  • Onsite shower facilities so you can freshen after a workout

  • Plenty of teams and clubs to get involved in, from football and squash to cycling teams, and even rock climbing!

  • Regular health challenges for charity, such as cycling, StepCount challenges, the Square Mile Relay and more

  • An internal library - the Book Nook - is full of resources available to all staff to upskill or expand.

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