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First Year Guide #4: Ways to Ask for Help

1. Ask someone in your class

In my first year of uni I was terrified of looking like the one person in class who didn’t understand the content. But as I went through my first year, I realised that the people in class who asked questions not only to the teacher but to their peers, were often the ones who were on top of all their workload. When you have a question in class, most likely there will be at least one other student who has the exact same question, so why not ask! It also avoids you having a build up of questions when assessments start coming. Don’t be afraid of what you will look like, utilise all the intelligent minds around you!

2. Post on the forum

If you have a specific question about lecture content, practice questions or a query about an assignment that people in your class also don’t quite understand, post on your subject forum. Most often this will be moodle, and your lecturers and tutors will be able to see your question and answer you directly. This is also helpful for your whole cohort since people with the same question will be able to look back and see the answer you were given. Though, always check other forum posts to make sure that your question hasn’t already been asked by another student.

3. Email the subject co-ordinator

If you have a personal question relating to your personal situation then email the course email. Often which email to use in this scenario will be outlined by your lecturer and tutors in the first week of classes. Always make sure that you are using appropriate language and send your email at a reasonable time. The course coordinators are always wanting to help their students get the most out of their subject and will be more than willing to help you out with any issues you have over the term.

(By Harriet Vitek - Publications Subcommittee)

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