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First Year Guide #6: Revision Tips for Finals

The end of term has approached faster than we all hoped but this does mean that the end is near! With exams and assignments approaching in the coming weeks, here are some revision tips to help make the most of the last week before exams.

1. Past Papers

If you happen to find yourself in a position where you’ve completed all the coursework for the term on time and are unsure of where to start for revision, doing past papers are a great way to start. While all the questions may not be applicable for the current year, there will still be quite a few questions related to the term's course work and are a great way to test your knowledge. Past papers are often shared by lecturers on Moodle and can also be accessed from the UNSW Library Collection online. Sometimes, lecturers may even include questions from past papers in the final!

2. Setting Study Goals

After 10 consecutive weeks of learning and studying, feeling burnt out is inevitable and can make studying for finals quite challenging. It is proven that studying in short periods is better for a person’s concentration, so adopting this technique, course content for the term can be divided up into small sections and revised. An example of this could be allocating content from Week 2-4 for one day and going through notes written during the term on those topics. If the goals set still feel too long and tedious, shorten them even more! Although it may take longer to go through the content, your understanding will definitely be better.

3. Course Fundamental Workshops

For many first year courses in particular, many societies across UNSW run fundamental workshops in Week 10, which act as a term revision for all content taught during the term. Attending these workshops can be a great way to test your knowledge on the course content and ensure you’ve covered all the topics for the term. They are also extremely helpful for those who are behind on lectures, as these workshops can help summarise the terms content into a few hours. These workshops also cover past exam questions and provide tips and tricks on how to approach questions on the day, which can be quite helpful for those doing their first ever university exam!

Best of luck for Finals everyone!

This also concludes our First Years Guide series! We hope the information shared was beneficial and engaging. Look forward to our next Blog Post series, which will commence in Term 2!

By Sarine Mohanraja (Publications Co-Director)

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