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First Year Guide #1: Best Places to Study on Campus

On campus for the first time and don’t know where to study? Try these study areas on campus!

ASB - Australian School of Business

UNSW Business School is located next to the UNSW Bookshop just below the Quadrangle. At this newly refurbished building, there are 3 levels where you can study at: Ground, Level 1 and Level 2. On the Ground floor, you can find a group study area called “The Place” where there are sofas, tables, ports and vending machines for your convenience. On Levels 1 and 2, there are open study areas great for both individuals and group study sessions. On these levels, you also have access to hot water facilities and microwaves too! This would be the perfect and convenient location for studying and meeting up with friends straight after your classes as most business classes are held within ASB. Note: if you would like complete silence when studying, the study areas in ASB might not be the most suitable due to the open plan setting and bustling students.

The Libraries

For those looking to study in complete silence however, both the Law Library and the Main Library are perfect! Starting with the Law Library, located conveniently near the L3 Anzac Parade Light Rail stop and ASB, this library is perfect for students looking for a quiet place to study after class. Despite the name, this library is available for use by all students (not just those studying law) and is particularly popular amongst students!

If you find that most of your classes are at Upper Campus, studying at the Main Library is a convenient alternative, located near the L2 High Street Light Rail stop. Like Law Library, the Main Library provides students with a quiet study zone, featuring several levels of individual and group study spaces. This library is also perfect for those who like studying late at night, with Level 2 open 24/7 for students to study at.

For those who would rather have a room to themselves when they study, both libraries contain study rooms, which must be booked prior to the day and can be conveniently done online!

Happy studying!

By Ruiyi Zhang (Publications Subcommittee)

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