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How to Reset and De-Stress

Hobby Finding

Hobby finding for many can feel like a fruitless task. But during breaks I have found it is important to find an activity which you can carry throughout even the most stressful periods of the year. A hobby should be something that you do for yourself and not related to any career endeavours. I also think it is paramount to keep in mind that this is for FUN! You do not need to be the best, and do not compare yourselves to people who have been undertaking the hobby for years. There is also no shame in realising you don’t actually like your hobby, all you need to do is find another one! My hobbies include exercise and reading - both of which I can maintain throughout the school term. I find this is the best way to de-stress and focus on something other than class!

Dealing with burnouts

As we take on more work and responsibilities throughout university and during the holidays, chances are our mind and body will pay the price through burnouts. When this happens, we become exhausted and lose any joy we once had. Although there is no single answer for how to handle burnouts, here are some tips to help avoid and recover from them!

  1. Find its source! Identifying contributing factors to make sure you can make changes in the right areas.

  2. Changes! Try identifying immediate changes to lighten the load. Don’t overwhelm yourself and break down the tasks.

  3. Examine your options and take back control! Explore the sources of stress and if you feel that you can’t keep up, take back control and recharge.

  4. Pay attention to your own needs! Take charge of your physical and mental health and practice good self care: restful sleep, alone time and relaxation.

Resetting after burnout can be a lengthy process and this holiday can be the perfect time to take the first step! Remember, taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Stay safe!

By Harriet Vitek and Ruiyi Zhang (Publications Subcommittee)

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