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New Year, New You - Our Recommendations for the New Year

With 2022 arriving soon, it is natural that many of us are feeling excited, motivated, and perhaps even nervous about what the new year will bring. Perhaps you have a personal goal you would like to achieve? Perhaps you are interested in trying something you’ve never done before? Now might be a great time to start planning things you would like to get done throughout the next 12 months.

Some recommendations include:

1. Volunteering

Volunteering is a classic initiative that you would have heard of already; a suggestion as old as time. Nonetheless, it is indeed a fantastic opportunity to get yourself out of your comfort zone and meet new people, and sometimes even contribute towards a meaningful cause. Volunteering with Arc ( is a popular choice among students as you get to work with other students within the UNSW environment, however, did you know you can also check out NSW Volunteering ( You can find various volunteering opportunities on their website, in diverse areas such as Environment & Conservation and Museums & Heritage.

2. Starting a society (club)

Many of you may have also heard about the suggestion to join student societies during your time at UNSW, and it is indeed a rewarding idea. You get to make friends with like-minded peers and contribute towards your professional development by working on initiatives, events, and more. However, did you know you can also create your own society if you have a new idea? Regular clubs need at least 5 current members, and you can check out the full guidelines on Arc ( Maybe 2022 will be the year for you to become a UNSW society founder!

3. Participate in competitions

Regardless of the degree you study, there may be a variety of competitions for you to test your abilities while having fun. It can also provide you with a supportive environment to learn new skills and work in a dynamic team (if the competition is team-based). There are the classic consulting case competitions, but other things you might want to try include mooting (for law students), sports, and even writing (i.e. the 2022 Calibre Essay Prize and/or the Kat Muscat Fellowship).

Best of luck with everything you plan to achieve in 2022, and Capital W wishes you all the best!

By Joanne Yu (Vice-President External)

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