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Our Guide to Preparing for Uni

Getting out of a holiday mindset is a hard task for everyone. Bracing yourself for a new term of study after having a period of rest is like getting out of bed on a rainy day, though it must be done. In order to make your first weeks less stressful, it is important to plan ahead! Make sure you have organised your schedule, checked out the course outlines any needed textbooks before your first classes.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to register for classes with university starting in approximately 2 weeks. A great way to organise your university schedule and plan ahead could be through the use of Google Calendar, which allows users to add tasks and colour code them according to task groups and would be especially useful for visual planners. Downloading the Uni-verse app can also be a great way to be prepared for university, as it provides easy access to your timetable as well as additional campus-wide information.

It is also good to keep your goals in mind. Instead of dreading the stresses of classes and assignments, it is key to remember that you are doing this to achieve something much bigger. Think of this future term as just another step closer to your dream job or lifestyle! Trust and enjoy the process!

By Harriet Vittek and Sarine Mohanraja (Publications Team)

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