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Our Top Study Tips to Get You Through Finals

As the term is ending and exam season is creeping closer, it may feel like the amount of assessments is never ending. Although it is said that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, we do understand that reaching it is not as easy as it seems. So, we’ve compiled some tips and advice we’ve learned over the past two years and hope you find them as useful as we do!

1. Have a Change of Scenery

I’ve found that changing up where I study can help increase my productivity. Doing my readings at the kitchen table (when no one’s eating of course) or in the garden makes me feel more motivated as I’ve put the effort into moving my laptop and books. However, I discovered that if studying in other areas is not the most convenient, Lifeat Spaces is the perfect tool to virtually study in a different location! Lifeat Spaces is a free website that provides backdrops you can use for your study sessions. It also has the option to play lofi music to really help you stay focused. Whether you want to study at a cafe, with a celebrity or in an anime world, you can find the perfect backdrop for you.

2. Planning!

I first found this website through a friend and was amazed to discover such a website existed where I was able to make a customizable to-do list and calendar which was surprisingly aesthetic and free! Notion really helped me during the term, as I was able to organise my weekly schedule and create to-do lists without having to pull out a physical journal (as everything was all on my laptop). The app also allowed me to sync my Notion board to my phone, allowing me to check my to-do list without having to open my laptop. Although setting up my Notion board took a few hours (purely for aesthetic and design reasons), for first time users, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials and templates which can be downloaded!

3. Group Study Sessions

Group study sessions have always helped increase my motivation to study for exams. Despite not being the most productive, as I still spent quite a lot of time talking with my friends, being around others who are in the same boat as you can increase motivation to go through those lectures you intended to ‘catch-up’ on. With COVID restrictions easing, face-to-face interactions are now possible, so studying with friends at a nearby library can be a great way to kick off the exam season! However, in the instance where this isn’t possible, a similar environment can be achieved through Zoom or other video calling applications.

We wish you the best of luck with your final assessments! And remember, holidays are just around the corner!

By Sandra Ang and Sarine Mohanraja (Publications Co-Directors)

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